Title Search Services Utah

In Utah real estate business, “Property title search” is a very effective measure towards the future threats that could be raised in the uncertain future. Indeed, title search services can safeguard real estate properties and if people don’t pay proper attention to this title search step while buying/selling a property could fall into a lot of hassles in the coming future. To safeguard the property and save their investment which they had spent for years to uplift themselves to become the owner of a property, title search service Utah is a must aspect to be performed to secure the property buying process.

What a title search is?

A title search is a process of recovering the recorded real estate documents that are attached to a property to establish the ownership of the property to sell/buy it. Title search services Utah are performed to check if there is any voluntary or involuntary lien that exists on a property that requires a payoff and release and also to check if there are any restrictions or allowances related to the property by the owner or individual or the municipality.

What’s included in a property title search?

The property title search services Utah will get varied depending upon the specific needs and its intended users. Here is a list of what will be included in every title search Utah reports. Property title search reports are often called Ownership and Encumbrance reports which include:

  • Property ownership information
  • Judgments
  • Property tax information
  • Voluntary and involuntary liens
  • Assignments and Modifications

Types of property title searches

Property title search Utah is an ideal option for real estate investors in Utah who were looking for preliminary information to guide their purchasing decisions and to manage REO properties. We offer a variety of property title search services Utah for due diligence, bankruptcy, pre-foreclosure, and other functional purposes. Types of title search services are as listed below:

1. Full search

The full title search services Utah are required sometimes for real estate transactions with a mortgage for the title agents and agent attorneys to create a title commitment. Full search is performed to find a clear title defect before the sales of a property and to issue the marketable title policy for the house owners and the lenders.

The full title search services Utah will include:

  • Pertinent copies or full copies available on all documents
  • Marketable chain of title for each state statute

2. Limited/Current owner search

Current owner search includes:

  • A 24-month chain of title
  • Last conveyance deed with additional liens and taxes
  • Full copies or pertinent copies when available on all documents

3. Two owner search

Two owner title search services Utah will be conducted to confine the previous title holder of the property and this type of title search will go back two out of family deeds and the respective reports filings up to the date based on the requirements of the clients. Two owner searches also include a 24-month title chain, the last conveyance deed with liens and taxes, and pertinent copies.

When a client orders us a title search for a property, they will be pleased with our title search services as we provide a comprehensive and an easy to read title search report along with all copies of applicable documents for backing up all property information that is mentioned in the report.

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