Property Preservation Services

Property Preservation and Inspection Services

We expert in Work Order Processing, Quality Control and Data Entry for Property Preservation Services. We process Photos, Invoices, BIDS, Reports, Forms, Inspections and High quality Assurance for several National and Regional Mortgage Field Service organizations.

We are properly trained in handling across all software platforms like FieldComm, EZ Inspections, Property Preservation Wizard (PPW), Inspectorade, etc., And in all National Vendor websites – Safeguard Vendor Web, MCS Vendor 360, Service Link FieldScape, Altisource VMS, M&M, NFR, Assurant, NFN, Corelogic, Carrigton, etc. We are more experienced in Bid involvement work orders, we are also well trained to handle bid estimate applications like Repair Base, XactPRM, etc. We process all types of work orders, such as REO Grass Cut orders, P&P, Janitorial /Winterization Orders, Snow Removals, PPO Orders, Maintenance orders, Preservation, Orders (Initial secure, Sales Clean, Rush, Perform per bid, Conveyance conditions, Securing Deed-In lieu, etc.), Bid processing. Our data entry operators are well educated, efficient, trained & have over 10+ years of experience. We are available 24 hrs in a day, seven days in a week.

We offering a services in property preservation

  • Downloading the photos from the software platforms or FTP.
  • Uploading, rearranging, & labelling the Photos as per the Work Order.
  • Labelling Before, during &After Grass cut photos, Bid & other photos.
  • Creating & Adding BIDS as per the Vendor notes & Photos.
  • Using Cost Estimator / Repair Base to calculate bid amounts.
  • Invoicing as per the price sheets.
  • Perform per Bids.
  • Preservation Orders: Initial Secures, Additional work request, Conveyance conditions, Sales Clean, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.
  • Creating & Uploading Reports.
  • Uploading the Property Inspection form if required.
  • Importing Work Orders.

Inspection Services

In addition to perform order processing for property preservation services, we also offer Quality Check and processing for inspection orders at a best cost, effective price, quick turnaround and maximum quality assurance.

Inspection work order types

  • Interior/ Exterior Inspections
  • Vacant/ Occupied Properties
  • Bi-Weekly (BWI) Inspections
  • Access Denied Properties
  • Drive By Inspections
  • Contact/ Occupancy Verification Inspections
  • Bankruptcy Inspections
  • REO Check Inspections
  • Insurance Loss Inspections
  • Monthly Quality Control Inspections
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