Municipal lien Search

Municipal Lien Search is what exactly you should get it and explore below why it has to be done for sure. So, are you thinking about purchasing a property right? Well, how do you find whether there are any hidden charges behind the property and whether the owner had any unresolved violations or building permits?

To get sure, a municipal lien search is the best option to go with as it thoroughly investigates all about the violations, unrecorded liens, permits, utilities and taxes associated with the property. It will be well worth asking for a municipal lien search as it eliminates headaches in the future.

What is a municipal lien search?

Municipal lien search is a vital process so as to obtain the property details before closing for real estate due diligence. Municipal lien search saves real estate investors from being trapped with any unforeseen debts. It allows people to find unrecorded liens along with the code violations, utility, special assessments, and open and expired permit issues related to the commercial or residential real estate properties. Municipal lien searches are now available worldwide at a competitive price.

Our municipal lien searches include:

Our municipal lien search results come with the supporting documents and lienholder information along with the results of:
  • Identification and status of all the utilities
  • Code violation details
  • Property tax certificates
  • Special assessments
  • Details on open permits and expired permits
  • Fire certificates
  • Account ledgers
  • Payoff demands

Is it possible to do Municipal lien searches for free? Check here!

Yes, municipal lien searches are an integral part of the real estate transactions as it finds uncertain encumbrances and the unrecorded liens on the properties. It can be done for free using the traditional title searches against the property.

What are all will be included in a municipal lien search?

A municipal lien search will include the following details of:

1. Property taxes

A snapshot of taxes for the past three years will be driven with the detailed report on issued tax certificates, taxes owed to provide the current amount dues that are applicable.

2. Code violations and liens

records the details of money owed on the property.

3. Special assessments

Record assessments will be obtained through the clerk of the court holding the information from all special departments.

4. Utilities

Reports on current balance and liens owing to utility providers for unpaid bills.

5. Open/Expired permits

A report from the municipality will be obtained regarding open or expired permits as a result of additional resolution services.

Steps to undertake the municipal lien searches

The steps involved in performing the municipal lien searches are:

1. Determining the property's municipality

2. Confirming all the utilities

3. Researching the property's annexation history

4. With the power to levy special assessments, to find the governing authorities.

This service includes the special assessments on:

  • District street lightings
  • Security guide districts
  • Multipurpose maintenance details
  • Capital improvements on the districts

5. Requesting information from appropriate departments.

Following the tedious research a special request can be placed to the appropriate municipal departments and can be followed based on the directions from each municipality section’s requests. A complete municipal lien search includes the following:

  • Tangible tax overviews
  • Assessments that are specially done
  • Permitting the history
  • Information on utility
  • History of the code enforcements

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