Title Search Services

At the time of purchasing real property, it is imperative to conduct a comprehensive Title Search Services to certify that there are no standing claims against the real estate property. With an exact title report, corrective action can be taken in advance to making a large investment on the property.

Many people think it’s unnecessary to spend on Title Search and go forward with what is seen from the outside or what is promised by the parties. But the truth is, the cost of a title search services is very nominal in exchange for the precious piece of property and the peace of mind you will attain.

At the Indus Abstract Services LLC, our skilled team always offers you with a detailed review of a comprehensive Title Search Services. Be it a domestic real estate property or a commercial real estate property, we ensure that you are fully informed when it comes to title related issues.

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Indus Title Company Document Retrieval

Document Retrieval

We can retrieve plain or certified document copies or information on:
  • Mortgages/Deeds of Trust
  • Deeds of all Types
  • Judgments/Liens
  • Assignments
  • Releases/Satisfactions/Reconveyances
  • Property Taxes
  • UCCS and Fixtures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Powers of Attorney

Products and Services

  • Document Retrieval
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Current Owner Search
  • Two Owner Search
  • Tax Certificate
  • Marketable Chain of Title
  • Recording Bringdown/Update
  • Pre-Foreclosure Title Search
  • Reo Title Search
  • Title Search Updates

These are the things that a title search services will investigate majorly :


This is the right of a lender or government agency to retain possession of a property in the case of an owed debt. Only when it is repaid can the seller claim the right to sell it. If the real estate property is subjected to lien, then the seller holds no right to sell it legally.

For example, if the concerned seller has a record of unpaid taxes, then the government has the right to block the property against any sale.


Bankruptcy is another issue you do not want to encounter in a real estate property. If the seller is bankrupt, then the real estate property will be subjected to bankruptcy charges and any sale is not legally allowed. To avoid such cases, it is important to have the attorney search any related issues thoroughly for you.

In the first place, it is better to avoid any bankruptcy related properties and switch on to a newer property for purchase.


These are legal rights that entitle the partial usage of the real estate property. For example, there might be a utility company that runs power lines inside the property. This might be inevitable at times and doesn’t harm the interest of the sale too.

But still, it is vital that the buyer is provided with this information too for effective planning of the property space.


There might arise a situation where the property owner violates the rights of the neighbor/adjacent property owner, by crossing the line and building something in their land or even letting a suspended structure hang into their area.

Either of these cases is legally not permissible. Such encroachments if not identified earlier and sorted out, might warrant a lawsuit issued from the neighbor later. You certainly don’t want to step on a wrong foot into your neighbor.