Loan Processing Support Services

The Loan Processing Support Services offered by Indus Abstract Services focuses on dealing with all the painstaking procedures involved in loan processing right from moving the application of the borrower and till closing.

At Indus Abstract Services, we are equipped with the perfect set of tools, utilize cutting-edge technology and our team of loan experts that helps in cutting down the processing time of loans and aids in quicker closing. We have several years of expertise in working with the brokers and lenders while handling back-office services to save the cost and time involved in mortgage loan processing. Our loan specialists are capable of handling all the tedious tasks involved in loan processing, such as loan origination, lien satisfaction, pay-off, processing support, and servicing. Our mortgage specialists are well versed with the loans of all types and have enough knowledge about the complications in each category.

We offer an extensive range of Loan Processing Support Services, such as:

Reviewing Loan Documents

Our loan specialists review all the documents for loan application like Forms 1008 and 1003, LE, pay stubs, authorization of borrower and W2s to make sure that the essential documentations are filed and are following the federal and state regulations. We also get the respective VA case numbers online as well as the property’s flood certificate and homeowners insurance.

Credit Score Check

We check the credit scores of the borrowers thoroughly by checking their credit history, Social Security Status, obtaining credit reports and pre-screening credentials and checking for prevailing loans to identify any defaults in payments and tax returns.

Ordering Appraisal

We perform with the licensed and approved appraisers and order the right type of appraisal based on the ratio of loan to value, loan amount after offering appropriate data to the appraiser and review the service charges.

Credential Verification

Our loan specialists verify the credentials of a prospective borrower and perform thorough checks on the documents submitted, property sale history, employment, deposit, and mortgages.

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