E-Recording Services

We recurrently search for innovative ways to advance the speed and constancy of our recording process, delivering steadfast entry to the latest technologies and services. We offer state of art eRecording Services too.

In addition, our extensive vendor network sanctions us to provide the broadest national exposure and also the fail-over means when a downtime occurs with the vendors.

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What do we

On the whole, the eRecording services system at the Indus Abstract services LLC is simpler, reliable and affordable for you. Above all of it, the top merit you get in working with us is the innovative methods that we practice here in our firm. Fill in the contact form or call us right away on +1 302-298-3300.
Indus Abstract Services What Do We Offer

All credits to our team of competent professionals who work strenuously on your Title searches are completed accurately.

  • Standard E-Recording Services

    A complete quality control assessment is finished to confirm that all the documents fulfill county recording requirements.

    Indus abstract services LLC bestows the document to the e-recording jurisdiction and the recording information and images are stored in our database.

  • Walk-Up e-Recording Service

    They encompass the same benefits that are given through the standard recording services, but that in addition, verification is sent to the consumer offering presentation/recording information.

  • Extended eRecording Service

    Now this comes with an update of the original title search in the first place before the document is delivered to verification by jurisdiction.

  • E-recording Services

    While E-recording (Electronic recording) is a part of the process, it is important to mention it exclusively for the importance it holds. It automates recording of documents within hours and sometimes on an even quicker timeframe. E-recording is easier, accurate and very cost-effective too considering the benefits.

    In case it is not available, then the traditional way of sending the original documents to the concerned officials is carried out by us.