Lien Searches

Historically, Lien searches are the pretty standard part of the real estate business that is essentially needed to be considered before buying any property. Indeed, Lien searches are the must factor that every investor needs to understand before investing and if they aren’t they can find themselves stuck with their debts that incur unexpectedly as IRS taxes wouldn’t be removed at the time of sale. Hence, it is vital to know about property liens and here one can find all the details about it and how to find it.

Buying a property? Do Lien searches which is of utmost Importance..!!!

Be it a property or a business, before buying it, it should be ensured that its assets haven’t been encumbered by liens. A lien is a legal right or a legal interest that a creditor has in another’s property. While buying a property that has been encumbered by a lien, then the third party may have the rights or interest in that property. If this happens, the lien will be still intact even after the closing. To overcome all such risks, executing Lien search is the best choice to go.

What is a Lien on a property?

It is important to understand the vital role of property liens which ensures that the property buyer is investing in the smartest option. A “Lien” is a security for creditors in case their debtors fail to make necessary payments. Using the Lien searches, legal rights can be claimed on a commercial or a residential property that gives rights to the holder to obtain the assets in case of obligatory dues are not paid or met as per the contract.

Quick steps to perform Lien Searches

The Lien searches can be done in no time with the help of the commercial real estate software tools or by visiting a county’s clerk. Lien search can be done in 4 easiest steps of:
  • Identifying properties and it's preferences
  • Getting ownership details for a known property with address
  • Searching public lien records online
  • Innovative processes and techniques
  • Either by contacting or visiting the county’s clerk office
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Lien Searches covers the exclusive details of:

A lien search in general covers the following details of:

  • Document book and page
  • Deed copy
  • Legal descriptions
  • Municipal services lien search
  • Tax lien search
  • Treasury lien search
  • State tax search
  • Bail bond lien
  • Default search notice
  • Spousal support lien search
  • Release of a lien

How to search for Liens?

Searching for liens is a part of real estate investments and there are three ways to do a lien search:

  • Online search at the county’s assessor’s office.
  • Directly by visiting the assessor’s office in person.
  • Hiring a title company to perform a lien search.

Without doing a lien search, “never buy a property” as you might get stuck with a huge lien that in turn ruins the profit margins you were hoping for.

How to remove a Lien?

The only and best way to remove a lien is to simply pay it and this is why the loans are listed on the settlement statement while closing at a title company as a debt to paid are released to the sellers. Thereafter the transactions will be recorded and the liens will be satisfied.

Types of property Lien Searches

There are three main types of liens as listed below:

1. UCC Liens

2. Tax Liens

3. Judgment Liens

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