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Why Title Insurance?

Any wise decision starts with questioning. Title Insurance is no exception. The more you know about Title search, Title Insurance, etc. the easier it is to safeguard your real estate interests. Undoubtedly, our home is the largest single investment we’d make. Not just for the financials involved, but mainly because of the emotional attachment that comes along with it. If you realize, we take on a number of home insurances to protect our home and personal property.

For instance, home owner’s insurance protects against loss from fire, theft, or wind damage. Flood insurance protects against rising water, and so on. Similarly, Title insurance protects us against hidden title hazards that might threaten your financial investment in your home property.

Protecting your largest single investment:

We all know about the types of home insurance because most of them warrant immediate situations that are most likely to happen. But Title Insurance is not understood fully as much as others since the need were lesser in the earlier times. Times have changed and it is mandatory today that you know about its significance to safeguard your financial investments on real estate properties. So how does it work? Imagine when you are purchasing a home, it is not just about the land or the building, but the title to the property which gives you the right to occupy and use the space.

But what if the title is limited by rights and claims held by others? This may limit your use and access to the property and end up in a big financial loss too. This is where Title Insurance comes to rescue, protecting you against such unseen title hazards. Other types of home insurances cover your home on possible future events and charge an annual premium. But Title Insurance protects against loss from hidden hazards that already exist in the title and is purchased with just a one-time premium.

Two kinds of Title Insurances and their benefits: 

  • Lender or mortgagee protection
  • Owner’s coverage