Report Preparation Services

Indus Abstract Services, LLC is one of the Industry’s best when it comes to search Report Preparation Services. The process of obtaining diligent report on the real estate property title search is time consuming. The legal officials and real estate attorneys these days want to ensure credibility to proceed with the purchase, and a search report hence becomes significant.

This process is manually expensive and taxing, but one call to the Indus Abstract Services, LLC simplifies the process by enabling with a top notch report. From the basics to the intricate details, everything is covered to make sure you are good to make a successful transaction. We make our service simplified, personalized and outcome driven.

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Title Search Report/Prelim Report

Now let us assume that we have the title search done. After extensively researching and arriving at the search results, the next important thing to do is the Search report. At Indus Abstract Services, LLC we offer this service as a continuation of the Title search or as a standalone service too, wherein you come to us with the Title search results and we take it from there to document things in detail. When preparing report preparation services, attention to detail is very important. Right from the tax information to assessment numbers to other related documents influencing the real estate property.

The title search write up is taken as the primary input for the preparation of this report.We start with the preliminary report that breaks the expectations and requirements in schedules. The turnaround time differs from 4 hours to overnight.

Deed Preparation

One of the allied reports that the clients request these days is the deed. We provide deed preparation services of all kinds, and the most used types are the general warranty deed and quitclaim deed.

The quitclaim deed is instrumental in conveying title to the real estate without any warranties given to the buyer. The general warranty deed offers the buyer with various warranties. For more details about Report Preparation Services call us at 302 894-4969 or email us at