Tax Search Services

Tax Search Services is a crucial process when it comes to title search and title insurance. Because when you are looking to complete a successful transaction of a real estate property, of the many things you will study, tax history is certainly an important one.

There are various taxes that come attached to a property based on the demography and the seller has to be on the top of it on a continuous basis for the buyer to be hassle free after the purchase.

At Indus Abstract services LLC, we execute Tax Search Services and reporting services across a wide range of counties. The critical information is either got online or obtained though the counties by calling. At times the counties expect the request for tax documents by mail and offer information with fee attached to it. At Indus Abstract Services LLC, we take care of these requests as well by sending across mail with checks favoring the respective county office.

The tax information is availed through mail/fax.There are three things we follow to make sure your tax search is complete :

Timely Search

Taxes are inevitable and it is important that the search is done to the latest status to make sure no lapse occurs later. So as much as we finish the search faster, we also make sure the search is updated and there is no lag anywhere.

Extensive Coverage

At Indus Abstract services LLC, we undertake an extensive tax search to make sure all the taxes are got from the appropriate authorities in the appropriate counties.

Effective in terms of cost and quality

Like in all our services, the tax search services also come at an affordable rate and most importantly with no compromise for quality. There are no hidden charges or additional charges for any allied processes.

Also, after all the tax information is collected, the tax search report is made completely customizable as per the format/requirements you need.

Or if you need the entire tax information, we will be happy to capture the total information into your system seamlessly.

Coming to the turnaround times, it varies from 8-24 hours for online tax searches, which is swifter. For the search information obtained over call from the counties, it usually takes 24 to 72 hours. If it is going to be mail away requests to the counties to get responses, then it will take around 10-15 business working days.

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