Commitment Typing Services

From opening the order to closing the Commitment Typing in 24 hours – this is what we strive to achieve in Indus Abstract Services LLC, unless it is a mail away request to the county which is bound to take two weeks to process. In all the other cases we make sure we provide what we promise, the right search/report at the right time.

When we provide residential and commercial abstracts, it is our technology and service expertise that sets us apart from the league of competition.

We have a dedicated account manager for every project who will help you take planned decisions.Manual abstracts obtained from the registered deed offices are accurately typed within 15 hours of turnaround time. We type the mortgage, vesting, conveyance, judgments/liens and taxes information into the client’s application as per the Abstract report.

We also proofread it for any typos or mistakes and make sure it is error free. We either type the abstract directly into commitment software or with the integrated software with compatible XML or text files. For more details about Commitment Typing Services please call us at 302-298-3300.

Our Commitment Typing Includes :)

Document Review and Typing

Our expert team reviews the document with respect to all the parameters like foreclosure, lien, tax, etc. and verifies the title chain, name and legalities aligned to it. Any problem found is escalated and accurate date is typed.

Tax Status Search and Typing

From online search to phone calls to mail away requests to jurisdictions, all the possible modes are used to effectively type the commitment.

Commitment Preparation

Complete review and capture of essential data for commitments –easements, restrictions, encumbrances, tax status, and other conditions are completed for the commitment report.

Plant Development and Maintanance

For both domestic and commercial, we will develop the title plant database as per your requirements/specifications. The data is verified across all ranges/units/sequences, the file numbers are checked, missing pages are rectified, damaged or illegible images are replaced, the links are verified and document retrieval is also done.

Hazard Policy Tracking

We will ensure there is no lapsed renewal, cancellation or any unseen notices in place on the property.

Mortgage File Post-Closing Audits

We will also perform post-closing audits to ensure that the file is completely documented, dated and signed as per the guidelines and the specifications

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