Educating Home Buyers/Real Estate Investors on Why a Professional Title Search Matters in Pennsylvania

Be it buying a home or investing in any other real estate property in Pennsylvania, the process will be highly expensive as the housing market will be seen the high with the fallen interest rates drastically and probably this will be a good sign of boost in sales for a floundering real estate market. With the increased interest rates, slower price inflation, lesser borrowing costs, and rising wages, the title agents and the realtors of the mortgage industry would get benefited definitely with increased housing affordability.

It is always a must to establish the real estate property authentication before it is being sold or mortgaged in Pennsylvania and the process of analyzing and retrieval of those credentials are commonly known as Title search services Pennsylvania for ensuring the legitimacy of the property. But still, some people weren't understating the importance of choosing a professional Title search services Pennsylvania who can protect their property from all hassles.

Why a Professional Title Search Matters a Lot in Pennsylvania?

Below are some talking points that title agents and real estate agents must consider on how is it crucial to get title search services to get done by a professional.

1. A title search is a must to be performed while buying a property

While conducting a title search to find liens present on the property, the Title search services Pennsylvania will answer the most important three questions over the property such as:

  • Do any liens present over the property requiring payoff at closing?
  • Does the seller have a marketable title for selling the property?
  • What types of allowances are imposed on the property?

Hiring a professional title search company would establish a clear and marketable title with outstanding liens and mortgages.

2. Guaranteed Title Search Accuracy from the Title Company

Though it is possible to conduct Title search services in Pennsylvania and find liens within the country record, hiring professional Title Search Services Pennsylvania will ensure for revealing the liens after the closing of the title search thereby protecting both lenders and the property owners.

Two types of title insurance policies will be issued:

  • Property owner's policy
  • Lender's policy

Of both, the lender's policy is a must for every transaction involving a loan. This can be demanded as well if it is required by the lender.

3. The title company will get complete access to detailed property records

Title search commences with accessing the public records that were held in a centralized government office. Most of the records will be available offline and some of them may not be electronically recorded. The title commitment will be created upon providing the title abstract and the title report to the title company.

4. The title company will cure all the title defects before the deal closing

After conducting the title search, the title commitment will be issued for a real estate transaction thus providing the title insurance for the lender and the buyer under the terms by outlining the exceptions, conditions, and exclusions affecting the title insurance policies. Hence, the conditions met before or during the closing of the title commitment are:

  • The seller paying off the mortgage
  • All lien payments against the property during the selling time
  • All judgments, liens, pen dens will be recorded officially after closing

5. Title company acting as an intermediary between the seller and buyer

Of all the others, the professional Title search services Pennsylvania will also provide a holding escrow that is creating an account for holding the money involved in real estate transactions. Also, they assure that the contract between the seller, buyer, and the lender was met before transferring the title to another party.

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