Title Search Services Ohio

Title search services are essential for lenders and mortgage bankers across the globe, as it helps them know the legitimacy of any specific building, home or property. The process of the title search is an extensive one that demands a rigorous examination of the records related to the property for assuring the ownership held by the homeowner in question. Indus Abstract Services are experts in providing top-notch Title Search Services Ohio, and we thoroughly scrutinize the documents for tracking any outstanding judgments, liens, unpaid taxes as well as mortgages related to the property while identifying the real covenants or easements.

This is why the title companies in the Ohio region trust Indus Abstract Services as their best outsourcing partner to tackle the tedious task of generating title search reports. While we are taking care of the title report generation process, our clients can focus on expanding their real estate business to surpass their client expectations.

Title companies prefer to avail Title Search Services Ohio from Indus Abstract Services, as we assure them minimal turnaround time, enhanced productivity and timely support for handling high volume requirements. We are equipped with a team of dedicated title research professionals with essential domain expertise and well-organized quality processes.

At Indus Abstract Services, we offer a wide range of Title Search Services Ohio, such as two owner searches, current owner and full title searches with very short turnaround time.

Current Owner Search:

The title search experts of Indus Abstract Services have several years of experience that helps them perform the title searches very accurately about the present title holder of the property in question. Apart from the latest property deed, we also check the information from several documents like taxes, liens, legal judgments etc. Upon request from clients, we also offer copies of these documents and records of the latest sale details related to the property are also checked.

Trustee Sale Guarantee Reports:

It is now quicker to make foreclosures, as we can generate trustee sale guarantee reports at ease. Our team of title search professionals examines all the necessary documents like the judgments, Notice of Default, present vesting deeds, additional notices and so on to extract enough details about every item of the schedule B as well as the details for mailing schedule C.

Two Owner Search:

The Title Search Services Ohio by Indus Abstract Services, LLC includes the two owner search report that has data about the present vesting deed as well as other deeds, such as tax details, warranty deed of the owner, outstanding mortgages, tax dues, judgments, liens etc. that are not in favor of the property owner and the property.

Full Title Search:

Indus Abstract Services, LLC offers this service as a part of Title Search Services Ohio where we perform extensive research with the documents that support the earlier owners as well as the present owners of a specific land or building. It also includes the agreements, easements etc., related to the property.

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