Title Search Services New York

Law firms, mortgage lending companies and real estate firms depend more on the property title search reports for determining the legitimateness of a specific property. The process of performing Title search is highly complex as it demands thorough checking of the records related to the property in question for confirming the ownership an individual might have as a property owner, examine any unpaid taxes, outstanding mortgages, judgments or liens against that property. It also includes identifying the property restrictions, such as real covenants and easements. The firms in the US region rely on Indus Abstract Services, LLC as their trusted outsourcing partner for handling the challenging task of generating title search reports. When we are offering Title Search Services New York, our clients can pay attention towards offering better services to their customers without having to worry about title report generation.

If you are on the lookout for a perfect outsourcing partner who can deliver top quality Title Search Services New York to improve productivity, lower the turnaround period and tackle instant surges in volume, then look no further than Indus Abstract Services. We possess the essential domain knowledge, title research experts and organized search processes to deliver within the shortest turnaround time.

We specialize in providing the following Title Search Services New York:

Current Owner Search

The title researchers at Indus Abstract Services are highly capable of performing an accurate title search on the current property title holder. We prepare reports with complete information about county assessment, judgments, deed, the status of tax, liens against the owner and property.

Full Title Search

We perform a thorough research of the present title holders as well as previous property owners during our complete title search process. We report about the title chain, which includes the current deed, judgments, liens and open mortgages against that specific property. We also consider the agreements, CC&R and easements that might impact the subject property.

Two Owner Search

We at Indus Abstract Services provide two owner search report with full details about the present vesting deed and those deeds that lead towards the prior warranty deed of the owner, outstanding mortgage details, information about taxes, judgments and liens related to property in question and its owner.

Trustee Safe Guarentee Reports

Real estate companies can now quicken up the foreclosures through the Trustee Safe Guarantee Reports that we offer. The expert researchers specializing in Title Search Services New York compile the list of all essential documents, such as Notice of Default, current vesting the notices, judgments and other deeds, obtain all the specific information and offer the full details about the items belonging to the schedule-B while providing the mailing details for the schedule-C.

Apart from the above mentioned Title Search Services New York, we also offer the following services, such as:

  • Legal and Vesting Report
  • Litigation Guarantee Report
  • Document Retrieval
  • Preliminary and Commitment Report

Choosing our Title Search Services will be very helpful for real estate companies and title firms who wish to handle the fluctuations in volume and get better geographic coverage.

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