Title Search Services Louisiana

Indus Abstract Services specializes in offering quick paced Title Search Services Louisiana for assisting companies and real estate companies to handle critical tasks with ease while improving the pace of the processes during the closure of a deal in the real estate sector. Businesses trust us for performing the key functions related to properties, as it would help in improving the quality of their productivity and spend more time on business development and expand their core abilities. We specialize in providing extensive support, which is why we remain the first choice to avail title search services.

Why choose Indus Abstract Services?

Soon after the acceptance of the sales contract, our title search professionals will perform a search on all the public records to identify any problems related to the title of the home or building in question. The Title Search Services Louisiana includes reviewing several land records of the property. This title search process would help in uncovering the issues, if any, related to the property, such as unpaid dues to contractor, delinquent state or local taxes etc.

The title search experts at Indus Abstract Services, LLC ensure that all the problems related to the property are identified prior to the deal closure for helping the homeowners, and the property owners have a hassle-free buying experience. We are the title search specialists who can offer the following services at best prices.

Commitment Inserts

Inserts are the outcomes of a thorough title search, which includes the name search of the parties of 20 years appearing within the property ownership chain. We report the status of the present property taxes and about the special assessments.

Our title specialists at Indus Abstract Services also offer the copies of defective instruments, liens, vesting deeds, open mortgages, objectionable matters and judgments on the property. When the details essential for preparing the commitment is furnished, we supply the signed insert.

O&E Reports

When companies avail our Title Search Services Louisiana, we help them by offering the Ownership & Encumbrance Reports after scrutinizing the past and present records of the property in question. We also offer copies of mortgage documents, liens, judgments and vesting deed.

Title Status Report

Our Title experts prepare the Title Status reports based on the information obtained from the public records. These reports are useful for finding out a specific issue in the title or for establishing the title status if the property in question has any litigation or probate problem.

Foreclosure Report

When real estate firms approach us to avail Title Search Services Louisiana, we make sure that the foreclosure reports are prepared to contemplate with the specific mortgage’s foreclosure, association lien of the property owner etc. This report also conveys the matters of record like pending litigation, judgments, liens, mortgages and so on.

Apart from the above-said services, Indus Abstract Services also offers Risk Analysis reports, judgment lien searches and perform fixed period searches on the properties in and around the Louisiana region to simplify the entire process and to serve our clients in a better fashion.

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